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Experience the fun of ChitramTV CLASSIC BOX on your TV like never before.

Unlock the freedom of Ultimate power on any smart or non-smart TV , irrespective of any models. Look out for HDMI Port on TV to unleash the power of Classic Box. Quad Core Processor , 4GB Dedicated RAM , Dual Band Wifi  , Dolby Sound , 8GB Onboard Storage and much more.

The ChitramTV Classic Android OS Set-Top Box represents a user-friendly and straightforward device introduced by Chitram. Engineered for optimal streaming quality, this next-generation 4K-enabled box ensures a seamless viewing experience. Navigating through its features is effortlessly achieved with the included classic IR Set-Top box Remote control.

This durable Chitram TV set-top box is a testament to quality, crafted by a reputable manufacturer. Boasting both wireless and LAN internet connection options, users can enjoy versatile connectivity. The inclusion of Dual-Band WiFi facilitates faster internet streaming, particularly during peak hours, thanks to UDT/H.264 Protocol. With HDMI and AV out support, this box is compatible with various TVs, monitors, or projectors, enhancing its adaptability to different viewing setups.

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